Pyeongchang Olympics Opening Ceremony – Which I Do Not Watch


I would like to watch Pyeongchang Olympics Opening Ceremony. However, now I live in Seattle, WA, and I have not had a subscription of cable TVs because I am not TV person and I do not have much time to watch TV usually. One problem for watching Olympics Game in USA is that NBC exclusively broadcasts Olympics Game in the United States. What I should do was to get a subscription of NBC. NBC Sports is the channel to watch Olympics Game.

I do not want to pay for TV. Comcast, which is local cable TV company here, offers some programs, but they necessitates a year contract with maybe $70 a month. Yearly cost should be $840, and it is not reasonable for me. Then, I googled “How to watch NBC without cable TV subscription.”  Google said that there are four options to watch NBC as follows.

  • Directv Now: $35/mo
  • fuboTV: $39,99/mo
  • Hulu with Live TV: $39,99/mo
  • PlayStation Vue: $39,99/mo
  • Sling TV: $30.00

All of these offer internet-based streaming programs. I have Chromecast and Roku, which casts smartphone or iPhone screen to TV. So, if I get streaming programs subscriptions which enables me to watch TV in smartphone Apps, I can cast it to TV, which is close experience to one with cable TV subscriptions. First of all, I decided to try Directv Now because they offer 7-day free trial.

Google said that Pyeongchang Olympic Opening Ceremony would start at 3 am in pacific time. I decided to get up at 3 am to watch that. What I faced at 2 am after getting up was that NBC did NOT broadcast Opening Ceremony. They did Figure skating and mogul. I wonder if Americans are not interested in Opening Ceremony, or they do not think that it is important to watch live show. My Twitter stream was telling me how Olympic Ceremony were being held. Sigh. At 5pm, maybe I can watch Opening Ceremony at NBC.